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Flexible investors with deep operational experience.


Traditional active investors stop with a vote, a letter, or a board seat. We go deeper, working with management to influence real operating decisions. This could mean allocating capital, repositioning assets, creating good governance, rethinking corporate strategy, or breaking operational blockages. 


Many financial investors underestimate the time, hard work, and leadership required to drive change. We understand it because we’ve been there: our experience spans the board room, the management team, and the investment committee. Unlike many traditional investors, we’re not afraid to own and operate the businesses in which we invest. 


Our most important deal criteria boil down to two questions: is there a path to influence or control the company, and is our involvement likely to increase or unlock value? 


Like all investors, we’d prefer to invest in good companies with growth prospects at a fair price. We have the capabilities, however, to invest in situations where we believe the quality and prospects of a company are obscured. When we see significant value, we are not deterred by complex, highly leveraged, or capital-intensive opportunities. 


We tailor each opportunity as needed. Our strategy is largely unconstrained across public and private markets, across industries, and across the capital structure. We have substantial flexibility to scale up or down, but we aim to invest in $25 to 100 million increments in companies with equity capitalizations of $1 billion or below. 


Led by Evan Behrens, our team has substantial experience as investors and operators. As needed, we leverage an extensive network of experts and operating advisors from a diverse set of industries including industrials, consumer products, shipping, agriculture, logistics, and financial services. 

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